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The First Try – Pass Your PMP Exam

The First Try – Pass Your PMP Exam

How to prepare yourself before your PMP exam

To successfully earn a Project Management Professional credential, you must undergo the PMP training course and pass the PMP examination. Regardless of how advanced your PMP experience is, it is advisable to spend some time preparing for the final exam using multiple study aids recommended by the examination body. In addition, it is advisable to spend time in PMP group discussions. Here is a simple breakdown of how to make adequate preparations for such an exam.

Get enrolled in a formal study course offered by accredited Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) or PMI Chapters. For you to sit for a PMP examination, you must substantiate that you have successfully undergone training in a PMP accredited institution. With the help the Internet, you can quickly identify such schools and register. The platform can also help you enroll and study online.

Go through the PMP credential handbook and have a good idea of what it talks about and how to use it. PMP handbook provides a formal guideline on how to apply for the globally recognized PMP credential. Interested applicants are normally required to read and understand the entire guide and get to know the policies and procedures involved in applying for and maintain the PMP credential.

Study and learn the PMP Examination Content Outline. PMP examining bodies are typically directed to use a Role Delineation Study (RDS) as the basis for examination development. This recommended process usually utilizes knowledge and task driven guidelines to assess the candidates’ level of competence, criticality and skills that will be required to perform different industrial tasks when they get out. Thus, by studying and understanding the PMP Examination Content Outline, you will be able to know which areas are likely to be covered in the final exam.

Familiarize yourself with PMP sample questions. By understanding how PMP examination questions are asked, you will be able to know how to provide accurate answers without necessarily spending a lot of time and effort. Currently, there are hundreds of PMP sample test questions and responses online. Most of them are freely accessible while others require subscriptions.

Form a focused study group with your colleagues and friends and arrange for group discussions. This is perhaps one of the most reliable study practice still in existence. Group Discussions help one seek clarification on any topic from his friends without necessarily feeling inferior or left out. Unlike learning formal learning sessions, group discussions are normally more lively, engaging and most importantly, informative.

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